How I found a manufacturer that could do it all for jane's

"I felt that since I was going to be taking supplements for a long time, I wanted something that was entirely organic and clean so it wouldn’t affect my health in the long run. This is why I started jane's."

Jane Bunrerngsanoh

November 26, 2022

When I first started jane's I had a vision in mind, a product that was affordable, organic and made of the best ingredients. And for that I had to look for a manufacturer that met my expectations. I’ll admit, before my search I never thought it would be so difficult to find a manufacturer who could source the right quality of ingredients.

For example, before I started jane's, I was spending $200-$300 a month for hormone balancing supplements with organic plant nutrients like organic Zinc, organic Vitamin B, organic Selenium that were from superfood blends like organic Holy Basil, organic Lemon balm, organic Licorice, organic Reishi, organic Dill etc.

However, through my curiosity I found that most manufacturers of these supplements used solvents or bulking agents to manufacture large batches. It came as a surprise when I found out that a lot of supplement brands that claimed they were made of the cleanest ingredients were in reality, not.

I didn't believe in questionable "Plant-Based" ingredients

They claimed their supplements were “plant-derived” but what that actually meant was it had been used as solvents or bulking agents to manufacture large batches. They’re not made from 100% plants. These were the kinds of ingredients I didn’t want anywhere near my body since they could cause long-term health issues. I felt that since I was going to be taking supplements for a long time, I wanted something that was entirely organic so it wouldn’t affect my health in the long run. This is why I started jane's. Because I knew that if I was struggling to find affordable, organic supplements that did all they claimed to do, then many would be as well.

So I spent countless nights searching and vetting different manufacturers to help me source the best ingredients from all over the world and put them in one blend. I was talking to manufacturers in China, EU and the US hoping to find one that could provide me with the ingredients and could promise an ultra-high standard, pharmaceutical grade manufacturing process.

After spending about a year searching for the right manufacturer, I finally found a US manufacturer that could do it all.


I believe I was talking to closer to 400-500 manufacturers before eventually finding the right one.

After that everything fell into place! jane's got started and I was able to start manufacturing my science-backed blend of organic herbs.

Today jane's is still being manufactured from all organic plant-nutrients without solvents or bulking agent specially blended to target 6 root causes.

I’m so happy that my journey has come this far and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for jane's and jane's lovers everywhere!



Jane Bunrerngsanoh



Header image by Jane Bunrerngsanoh

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By taking the nutrients in their natural state, you get enhanced nutrient absorption and efficacy, which means faster hormone re-balancing.

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The herbs used at jane’s are sourced from the highest-rated organic farmers from all over the world. But there’s more... our herbs are required to be harvested at their peak and processed immediately to maximize potency and efficacy


Each serving contains a unique blend of 16 powerful ingredients shown to act on the cause of hormonal dysfunction… Not the symptom.

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Organic Cilantro

Mental Health

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Organic Pumpkin Seed

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