Let's talk about Caffeine: Is how you brew turning you a green hue?

Organic coffee has a much higher chance of growing mold and mycotoxin

"The strain of mold usually found in coffees are considered to be a “weak carcinogen” and that may sound harmless but carcinogens are substances capable of causing cancer in living tissue"

Judith Louise

December 1, 2022


I’m going to be completely honest with you all, I love coffee.

I love the aroma, the taste and the warm fuzzy feeling it gives you with each sip.


But then one day I had an intrusive thought: Is my favorite part of my mornings actually making me sick?


So I decided to deep dive into everything I was curious about and here’s what I learnt!

Coffee crops are actually quite heavily treated with chemicals. Seeing this you may have had the same thought as I, “I’ll just switch to organic coffee,” and although we should make this switch there’s more than meets the eye with this solution. Coffee crops are chemically treated to reduce the chances of mold and mycotoxin growing within it. So although organic coffee reduces our consumption of these harmful chemicals, it increases our chances of consuming toxic mold.

This is because untreated coffee crops have a much higher chance of growing mold and mycotoxin. The strain of mold usually found in coffees are considered to be a “weak carcinogen” and that may sound harmless but carcinogens are substances capable of causing cancer in living tissue.

Learning this I wondered: Do I have to give up coffee forever?

Thankfully for me - and you - we don’t! We just have to make better choices when it comes to our daily cup o’ joes.


1) Switch to Organic Coffee

Firstly, make the switch to organic coffee! Then always check and do heavy research into whether the coffee brand you’re using is “mold and mycotoxin free.” If the brand of your coffee is not checking for mold then it's best to toss it aside.

So beans aside, my curiosity then took me to how I brew my coffee and what I found was shocking.

Have you taken a good look at your coffee machine? I did and I realized that mine was mainly made of plastic. Now I’m not talking about the glass container you usually pour your coffee from but the actual brewing mechanism.

I found that my coffee (water) was being boiled in plastic, steeped in plastic and went through a plastic filter. This meant that my brews had toxic chemicals from my coffee machine’s plastic pieces that could disrupt my hormones and had possible carcinogens. So after a tonne of research, here’s my favorite solution.


2) Use a stainless steel drip coffee filter

These are easy to use, easy to clean and super convenient. And there’s no frills about it! Just pour hot water over your coffee grounds in the filter - no need to do it clockwise or at the perfect temperature, I personally think that’s overrated - and voila, a lovely cup of coffee!

I give this option a 9.5 jane's out of 10 for being affordable, easy to use and healthy!

Price: $15

Low Effort: 10/10

Easiness: 9/10

Healthiness: 10/10

Here’s to more healthy cups of coffee for you and me!

Judith Louise


Header image by Jane Bunrerngsanoh via Pinterest

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